margō /’mar.go:/, from latin: border, margin, edge

MARGŌ COLLECTIVE has been born out of addiction. Addiction to good storytelling. Our aim is to empower writers who have been pushed to the margins by the mainstream and who, like us, thrive on stories that wrench the heart and punch the gut.

MARGŌ is as much about the readers as it is the writers. We’re passionate about building a community of people who reject the autopilot world and seek narrative escapism. We’ll be bringing stories from the edges, stories from emerging writers and the untold.

who we are

Hannah and Magda. Between us we’ve been working in the publishing and book production industry for over 10 years.

We have always been drawn to stories that moves us to tears, to laughter, to checking there’s no one lurking behind the door. Compelling characters drive good fiction and more often than not we prefer their company to real people.

Likes Ian McEwan, Charlotte Bronte, Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, Kate Tempest, Lionel Shriver, Richard Yates, Black Mirror, Girls, Mad Men, Studio Ghibli, Fleabag, The Way Way Back, Inception, The Night Of.

Dislikes Dan Brown, EL James, “celebrity” autobiographies (usually with a terrible pun on the cover), bodice-ripping historical romance, style over substance, formulaic genre fiction – please see top of list.

Likes Hanya Yanagihara, Leopold Tyrmand, Jhumpa Lahiri, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Hollie McNish, Miron Białoszewski, Witold Gombrowicz, Rebecca Solnit, Frida Kahlo, linguistics, neologisms.

Dislikes labels, mispronouncing names, closed doors, things with holes in them, used teabags left behind, bluster.