Chained to the Grille

 In MARGŌ Musings

Ever feel like your chained?

… to a promise, to a stereotype, to a person? Is that a bad thing?

Maybe you’ve chained oneself to a cause because belonging to something or standing for something is a way to test one’s own humanity?

We’ve opened up our doors to short story submissions for our anthology Chains: Unheard Voices. Inspired initially by the men and women who fought for the women’s vote, particularly Muriel Matters who chained herself to the grille partition in the House of Commons, we wanted to explore both the physical and mental manifestations of being chained. What is it that binds you? Or, like Muriel, what do you bind yourself to?

We believe that truly powerful stories come out of basic human experience. And we want to know what the struggles of today are for the unheard people – the undiscovered voices of the world. You have until the 29th of March to submit your short story, so get writing! You can find out more on how to submit on our submissions page.

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