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MARGŌ COLLECTIVE will be publishing a literary broadsheet for Cornwall.

To submit your work you must have a direct link to Cornwall. If you live here, are from here, have studied here, we want your stories to support and nurture the thriving creative talent in the county.

We’re looking for;

the revolutionaries, the mavericks, the downright rowdy rule breakers looking to shake up the Cornish writing scene.

We want stories that punch the gut and wrench the heart. Stories about your murderous next door neighbour, the modern rules of social interaction, that mysterious bird that follows you home, death of vocabulary.

…and, sorry, but no corsetted ladies riding around horseback on their way to a tin mine.

Give us the mess of humanity and we’ll organise it on the page, ready for someone to sit back with their beverage of choice and devour.

A few caveats:

– No previously published work
– Nothing over 1,500 words
– Work must be a form of creative writing
– We are open, however, to accepting critical essays

The first issue will be out in the autumn and will be distributed around Cornwall.

If you’d like to have your piece published, please send it to attached as a Word Doc file. In the body of the email, tell us about you and your link to Cornwall.

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