World, meet MARGŌ

 In MARGŌ Musings

There was a girl at school who used to have a copy of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo inside her textbook. She said she couldn’t get through the day without knowing what was next. This was followed by a “Plus, fuck the periodic table.”

Let’s face it, whether you love science textbooks or not, reality can suck. It can suck in a grand Trumpian sense and it can suck on a personal level too. There are bills to pay, commutes to battle and awkward social situations to endure. The good things we can at times find are few and far between and when we do, it’s a desperate Gollum-like scrabbling to keep hold of them.

We’re living on a scrolling surface of the world, where every other day a new reality TV star signs a book deal, or a 16 year old publishes an autobiography. MARGŌ wants to uproot this and dig deeper. We’re seeking out the good stuff.

We want to get under the skin of the writing that makes us tick, stories that make us burn our pizza (a challenge, I know), the books that can in one breadth delight and in the next crumble. We want to be struck, transported, enraptured, moved. And, most of all, we want to bring these stories to as many people as possible.

But why bother?

Because throughout history words have been an engrained part of our humanity, because we want to be the part of the day that people look forward to and feel urged to talk to others about. Because we want to be the book within the textbook.

Let’s shake people out of the banal.

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