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We’ve been having some great feedback on our first book, Chains: Unheard Voices. Here are some highlights:

… yes that is the distant sound of our trumpet being blown.


“What’s most impressive is how assured it is: true to its editors’ vision, it’s a terrific collection of diverse, unheard voices. […] It’s a decent unifying thread, but the real star of the show here are these well-chosen stories, which are often wonderfully off-beat and all the more powerful for it.” – read the full review here.


“The tales included here are challenging, poignant, and at times disturbing. The diverse range of voices are quietly resonant.

There are stories set in the past, present and the future. The impact of bullying, of both adults and children, is approached from differing perspectives, as are prejudices against single mothers and those living in poverty.

Crawl is a particularly powerful piece with its twisted take on foodbanks and the way donors respond to their own supposed beneficence, how they are encouraged to treat those they feed.

Several stories deal with alleged terrorists and miscreants. There are depictions of attempts to dehumanise and the effect on victims. The rule of law is accorded little respect.” – read the full review here.

Michelle Birkby:

“These stories certainly explore the idea of chains in every different way. The first lesson is – chains come in many different forms and are not always recognisable as such. From the chains of the past in Shyama Kasinathan’s Epilogue, with it’s haunting last line, to the chain of identical shops in the intriguing The Sub-Regional (Interim) Unit Manager by Andy Warmington– the charm and the dangers of individuality , to the chain of ancestors in the Fuseli inspired Incubus by Josh King.

The stories as a whole are clever, and intriguing. Some funny, some heart-breaking, some terrifying. The writers never underestimate their reader’s intelligence and knowledge, and the standard of writing is very high – there are many different styles, but the stories rarely become clichéd or boring. They all illustrate the best kind of short story – a glimpse of a moment of a life.” – read the full review here.

You can buy a copy of Chains: Unheard Voices over on our shop page.

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